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God, the gap is really quite big, but at this moment ma yuan swallowed the bitter fruit, being laughed at like this by him, it was like a whip, slapping the face of the god ma yuan.

Blazing this is his supernatural power, which claims to be able to measure even the sky it is thunderous and unpredictable this formed a wave of air, turned into a ball of terrifying.

Reincarnation shi hao scolded him lightly when he sacrificed this treasure technique, there was no fluctuation of divine power, no vast runes, only a flat punch in the beginning, there.

Scriptures of the nine heavens and ten earths, the ancient king of heaven whispered, he felt aggrieved, the result was terrible if you super keto boost shark tank weight loss owasso don t die, you won t die shi hao said coldly as soon.

Spread all the way up, and couldn t stop weight loss owasso not only were his feet shattered, but they had extended towards his knees with a weight loss owasso bang, two kneecaps fell off, with dense scars, and he rushed up.

Was not tall, but he was very stocky and strong, and his voice was loud, like the roar of a big bell he has white hair and beard, hale and hearty, his eyes are shining like golden lamps.

One dark cage after another drifted with him he wanted to find the way back, but he didn t know how long it would take outside, inside the mountainside it s really strange, where did his.

It, his eyes were cold and merciless at this weight loss owasso moment, he raised his hand, and with a chuff, the palm of his hand was wrapped by his own immortal energy, and fell down weight loss owasso the blood splashed.

Kings died in one day, it s too shocking um shi hao was startled, the sword fetus was like optimal diet for weight loss a rainbow, and the brilliant light shone, covering the sun and the moon it was incomparably.

Light at the same time, a huge sound came out, and the light from the treasure talisman hit the huge finger this is amazing ma yuan grunted, his face contorted, his why weight loss plateau happen Weight Loss Pills pupils contracted.

There was a vague arena, faintly visible that is the final battlefield, where all the wizards of the past .

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weight loss owasso

and present have fought for supremacy even shi hao was no exception, with turmoil.

Hao s eyes twitched, this is the enemy, a super terrifying person ningchuan s strength is unimaginable he had a vision when he was born, with a dragon pattern on his forehead, and a sky.

Is said that it came from the depths of the upper world no man s land although it is not the evil mud that claims to be able to directly dissolve the leader, it is also terrifying and.

Could it be my physical body, which has decayed since I haven t returned for many years shi hao s heart shook, as if thousands or ten thousand years had passed in his perception the.

Catastrophes, if he died here today, he would really be a joke he will be the saddest and most useless of gods ma yuan yelled, how could he wait for death, took out a purple gourd, and.

Be such Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode why weight loss plateau happen a terrible curse ah ma yuan yelled, his whole body was in severe pain, corpse spots appeared on that arm, and the rotten smell was pungent, extremely terrifying this effect even.

Rumored that he got a small fairy tree, which was rooted in his body oh my god, even these two people are .

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(Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills) weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL why weight loss plateau happen Optiva Weight Loss. Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews weight loss owasso here, did huang xiu startle them with the second burst of immortal energy people.

Meaning of laws, they could break into his body through the weight loss owasso surface no the ancient sage shouted, reciting the scriptures of the nine heavens and ten places, quickly stopped, and.

Of the enemy he felt extremely humiliated anyway, he used to be a king in ancient times, but he fell to this point weight loss owasso shi hao s chest heaved and heaved, his body was in severe pain, his.

Holding the jade flute, the ten crowned king, etc came for it, and followed wegovy weight loss before and after them all the way to this small world that s it, the golden dao palace has appeared, indicating that the.

The same time, he punched slowly, soundlessly, noah cappe weight loss and fragments of time could be vaguely seen it was the reincarnation fist, which completed a transformation after going through the ten foot.

Mother qi of heaven and earth is extremely terrifying it is nourishing the immortal species, just like the placenta of heaven and earth if it moves violently, every strand can crush.

Him forward, and weight loss owasso he was determined to keep shi hao, to obliterate his primordial spirit, leaving only his physical body shi hao allowed him to attack close to cillas weight loss him, weight loss owasso protecting , and.

Breath of weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL weight loss owasso a dark cage, and it was likely that he had been to the same place as him what s going on here shi hao said to himself, and soon his eyes widened weight loss owasso in surprise could it be that.

And this battlefield area is completely dilapidated everyone went backwards, I don t know why the ancient freaks all showed up together, and they all rushed here, could it be that they.

Power it was dormant at first and never manifested once he used his great supernatural power, it broke out in an all round way ah ma does zenpep cause weight loss yuan was startled and furious accidents happened one.

Leader tried his best to Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews weight loss owasso burn himself against shi hao s superb technique it s a pity, it still doesn t work, he was hit by this punch, his own magic power collapsed and exploded.

Dancing, and the scene is strange buzz the void trembled, and on the mountain, beside the person wrapped in the chaotic air, a very vague small tree appeared, and with a slight shake, all.

Was pale boom like the sound of a mountain torrent, the airflow from shi hao s roar turned into monstrous ripples, weight loss mediterranean diet food list and the white air waves churned like a mountain smashing past with a.

Contained in the river water that shi hao poured does brillia cause weight loss out is combined with the original curse in the original body of ma yuan, making it more complicated the rumbling sound was deafening, and.

Tangtang tianshen was so miserable, he kept cutting flesh from his body, just to get rid of the power of .

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why weight loss plateau happen Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode Weight Loss Shark Tank Drink weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL. the curse, the startled group of people shivered, and a layer of white sweat came.

Belly of the mountain, it completely collapsed at this moment, and the mountain collapsed in an instant, the rocks pierced the clouds, the boulders rolled down, and there was smoke and.

Survive this is the coercion of the gods, the power of which is unfathomable how can it be so strong to other gods, the sky god is really like the real dragon and the sky, high above and.

Dog, invited by foreigners to deal with me, karen pence weight loss and coveted why weight loss plateau happen Weight Loss Pills my body that has cultivated immortal energy, do you still want face after tearing his face, shi hao was very decisive, and peeled.

Completely, and the only upper half of his body was also cracked and turned into pieces um shi hao was surprised, and weight loss owasso saw a vague portal appear for a flash, and the killer leader s flesh.

Finally managed to crash into it this people were shocked, not to mention people from the battlefield, even if the gods came and the leader came, there was no way to rush in like this.

Was covered in blood, gushing out from the original wound could it be that the ancient sage will turn the tables and stop huang from killing the fleeing creatures, watching from a.

Distance, waiting for the result gu shengzi burned his divine power, let himself reach extreme speed, and forced shi hao to fight against his body he saw that best vitamin gummies for weight loss the opponent s body was full.

He was like a fierce dragon out of the gate, invincible he leapt up, shot out a treasure technique, and the runes in all directions dimmed puff the blood rushed up, and the corpses of.

World of mortals, without any fireworks, transcendent and peerless he was dressed in green clothes, holding a jade flute, his clothes fluttered, his body shimmered, even his hair was.

Went after retreating in the secret room even if he died, there should still be .

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Meal Plan For Weight Loss why weight loss plateau happen, weight loss owasso Keto Gt Shark Tank Protein Powder For Weight Loss. traces of soul fragments, you said everyone, weight loss owasso please step back a little bit, let me try to see if his soul.

Spirit oh my god, can it be said that this is a fairy fetus the others also reacted and shot one after another, with shock written all over their faces there have always been legends that.

Soul has been sharpened many times, and it is ridiculously powerful once he returns, the primordial spirit will be extraordinarily powerful, shocking two streams of immortal energy.

Moment, the people who followed woke up startled, all kinds of treasures were sacrificed, and countless runes were densely weight loss owasso covered, sweeping all over, like a storm, sweeping across this.

Beyond comparison many people turned pale this area is in chaos, and everyone retreats for fear of being affected it was just a crack in the palm of the god, and it caused such terrible.

It before the last gleam of fire faded from the burning of the fairy fetus, emitting a strong glow I don t know, what does that mean many people don t know it, and it is impossible to.

Is somewhat Shark Tank Weight Loss Product weight loss owasso relieved in this world, there are continuous thunder and lightning, and it is two people fighting each other, fighting physically after the heroic spirit joined in, ghosts.

Hostility, he was still very sorry to see this scene a peerless genius weight loss owasso Miracle Weight Loss Pill Shark Tank was assassinated by them and withered prematurely even in the immortal era, such people were rare and died young.

Shrouded him, trying to make shi hao submit junior, don t kneel down and plead guilty, he shouted I recognize your grandpa s size shi hao cursed, he hated this kind of person the most, he.

Even if it can survive, its spirit should collapse it s really an ancient evildoer even shi hao could only sigh in such a shock this ancient golden temple is called jieyin, could it be.

Go on the road he whispered, and shot at jundao jun dao yelled, weight loss owasso his whole body was on fire, he didn t want to die, he struggled hard, and in the end he wanted to burn everything, to.

Recognized this person, because .

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why weight loss plateau happen Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode Weight Loss Shark Tank Drink weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL. the impression was too deep this is the mysterious person who retreated in the fierce nest he once murdered countless geniuses, including ancient freaks.

Light, and swept in all directions many people flew out on the spot, coughing up blood from the shock of this wave, and their bodies is dairy bad for weight loss were dilapidated this is the top supernatural power.

Primordial spirit go, and why didn t he disappear many people were very surprised when they learned of this situation, and they all became alert this should be the same as in the legend.

Immortal dao arena will manifest in a short time someone was shocked and what is bhb for weight loss finally understood what happened the golden dao palace usually appears successively with the supreme ring, as long.

Into pus and blood, and the scene was terrifying this piece of yellow mud was brought out by shi hao from the secret realm of yuantian it was obtained from the hand of the sun god vine weight loss causes anxiety it.

Void shattered, and it carried a terrifying vision the corpses of gods and demons were endless, floating around it seems weight loss owasso that after this arrow is shot, the gods and demons in the world.

Of the gods, which cannot be guessed you junior, you really don t know how to flatter ma yuan sneered, stopped tianheshui, then pointed out a finger, pressing towards shi hao undoubtedly.

Will cause countless gaps in the .

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(Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills) weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL why weight loss plateau happen Optiva Weight Loss. ground, and some mountain peaks will be trampled by it this is a god, the weight loss owasso strongest of the golden mammoth family it is one of the few gods who chased and.

Map on his back, which once illuminated the entire night sky and caused a sensation in that life although one of his spirit bodies had been killed, it did not damage his prestige.

Three someone counted and couldn t help gasping for air weight loss owasso at least eight or nine ancient kings remained in this mountain range it s definitely a big deal there are still weight loss tablets for water people coming, what.

Smashed his broken spear, and grabbed him, unstoppable weight loss owasso jun dao was terrified, he blocked with his arm, and even threw out the most powerful punch boom shi hao reached forward with his.

Sage was bitter, and he really didn t know what to say as for the other important figures, such as the ancient freaks from the kingdom of heaven, the same was true their original.

God tried it today, it was really powerful, ma yuan, who was seriously injured, was injured again due to a .

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(Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills) weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL why weight loss plateau happen Optiva Weight Loss. negligence moreover, since this piece of yellow mud is soaked in the tianhe.

Flute sound, as if the sound of a fairy reverberated, purifying the entire small world silver symbols jumped out one after another, floating from the flute hole to the distant mountains.

Be sprayed out, and ancient treasures will fall out the power is unimaginable even if it doesn t really manifest, sometimes ancient treasures will fall out, which is extremely mysterious.

Are sick I will see who dares to trouble you, the old man said righteously at the same time, he opened his eyes wide and scanned the crowd a huge coercion spread out, and there was a plop.

Eyebrows were nailed through his heart and his heart was pierced weight loss owasso Miracle Weight Loss Pill Shark Tank by a spear, yet he can still recover, is it against the sky huang s resurrection caused chaos, everyone was furious, he.

Inheritance in the world, weight loss owasso there are only a few kinds of heavenly skills that can be compared, it is unimaginable the ancient sage sat down cross legged, some distance away from shi hao s.

And kill others, but now he feels like a prey, being targeted by others the sound of the scriptures shook the sky, the ancient sage was sitting cross legged, he recited the scriptures of.

Teamed up to attack and kill him if he was not eradicated and escaped, he would not know when he would have a chance to kill him next time this time he cultivated the second immortal.

Sacrificed his own immortal energy to drive away the power in his body hum his body trembled, aging rapidly, and the power of reincarnation took effect .

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(Best Womens Weight Loss Supplement) weight loss owasso Weight Loss Drink On Shark Tank, why weight loss plateau happen. it s useless, you summoned the soul.

People shudder life is impermanent, and such a powerful huang is dead, which makes many people feel cold jun dao is tall and tall, standing here, holding shi hao with a silver spear.

And practicing there can actually increase the power of the primordial spirit so much that it is so strong boom the big hand fell down and was blocked by the guardian talisman again.

Resisting with his soul boom suddenly, with a bang, the world collapsed, and all the mountains in the four fields were crushed all the monks keto diet on shark tank episode who were shaken were terrified, their faces.

Nine heavens and down to the nine secluded worlds, reaching nowhere the scriptures are ancient and mysterious, with amazing penetrating power, submerging into nothingness, no matter.

The Shark Tank Weight Loss Product weight loss owasso notes flowing over were blocked ten crowns at this moment, not only shi hao was moved, but everyone else was also surprised, and immediately guessed that it was him because, it was.

Kill jun dao roared loudly, using all his strength with all his strength, his whole body was covered in runes why weight loss plateau happen Weight Loss Pills from head to toe, as if burning he used the most extreme strength just to.

Grabbed by shi hao, it was completely shattered like a walnut what a terrifying power this was the most ferocious punch of an ancient freak was deflected just like that, and the bones of.

Outside world and inside the mountain was quiet looking at the ancient sage son chanting sutras, his precious appearance was solemn, and the runes in the void were densely packed, shining.

Time, not by the da luo immortal sword, but by shi hao s magic seal wrapped around two streams of immortal energy where are we going shi hao said coldly, staring at the probiotic multi enzyme for weight loss killer leader at.

Mountains and rivers it is so dense and endless, Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews weight loss owasso it will be nothing when it is calm, and it will not hurt people once it is activated, the horror weight loss owasso is boundless ma yuan was so intimidating.

Opened between the eyebrows, forming a portal, and it can swallow such a sharp sword embryo, it is inconceivable at this moment, everyone s evaluation of gu shengzi changed suddenly, this.

Still alive jun dao roared, warning everyone, and asking them to support, because at this moment, even though he was picking shi hao with the silver spear, he was afraid shi hao s aura at.

Heavens and Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode why weight loss plateau happen ten places boom a loud voice came Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews weight loss owasso out, and one vague figure after another manifested here, blending into his body, becoming one with him, and the aura of the whole person was.

His best to burn the source seeing the yellow mud flying, he urged his mana to block it, but something happened that surprised him although the yellow mud was blocked, it finally passed.

Kingdom of heaven, and the runes surged down, aiming at shi hao behind it, there are mountains of corpses and thousands of rivers of blood, boundless and boundless, they are pressed down.

Carried by the bone banner chi the da luo immortal sword left his hand and fell from the sky, suppressing the mountain of corpses and the river of blood, causing it to completely collapse.

The old man is a senior wizard from the three thousand states who stayed in why weight loss plateau happen Weight Loss Pills xiangu and never left, shi hao asked hundreds of thousands of years ago, my ancestors stayed in xiangu, and i.

In the world, but now he was robbed he weight loss owasso was roaring, urging the secret method of the kingdom of heaven with all his strength, his whole body was full of blood, blocking that kind of holy.

Embryo, cutting through the void and quickly escaped from this ancient land this golden ancient elephant is invincible, if you encounter it, you can only run away tuo lan, you have been.

Chain of order had been locked into his body, unable to resist fairy spirit soon, he realized that the two celestial spirits were integrated into the chain of order, and with the profound.

Soul was separated from the body, he was attacked and killed by the king of heaven and jun dao the center of his eyebrows was pierced, and his heart was crushed to pieces if the skull of.

A huge why weight loss plateau happen Weight Loss Pills wave, which shocked all the geniuses who entered the immortal ancient times in sanqianzhou which of the three kings was not a famous creature in ancient and modern times, but was.

The mountainside, the situation changed, and he attacked again the terrifying leader of the kingdom of heaven backed away at a rapid speed, only half of his body was left, with long dark.

Will perish, it is extremely astonishing puff ma yuan s body glowed like a big fireball, crushing this terrible arrow feather, but he also shook violently, everyone was shocked many.

Broken, and it was impossible to heal in a short time after being injured by the flames of the best legal weight loss pills ten thousand runes Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode why weight loss plateau happen little friend, you really don t give me face ma yuan said, his eyes.

Roar, his tongue burst into thunder, he was picked up in the air, and he attacked with his XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL weight loss owasso divine voice ah jun dao seemed to be struck by lightning, his whole body was .

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weight loss owasso

Meal Plan For Weight Loss why weight loss plateau happen, weight loss owasso Keto Gt Shark Tank Protein Powder For Weight Loss. shaken and his face.

Originally, he wanted to capture and kill shi hao before solving the curse, but at this moment, his heart was almost cold what kind of curse is this it s so powerful that even the.

Gorgeous at this moment, piercing into the center of the brow, and blood spattered, but it didn t measurements for weight loss female come out from the back of the head what s going on, the others are also stunned people.

And when he walks, there is a strong wind, weight loss owasso and the surrounding mountains shake, like a prehistoric giant traveling shi hao didn t say a word, he held the daluo immortal sword in his right.

But they didn t affect anything, and he left smoothly however, the turmoil did not stop there what happened in walking for weight loss plan this small thousand world shocked most of the ancient immortals and.

This moment is too terrifying, like a humanoid dragon coming out of the gate, his eyes are cold, and there is fire in their piercing eyes, as if it can burn the sky shi hao let out a loud.

Accompanied by wisps of fairy mist, it looks solemn and solemn, and the tiles are golden it s just that it weight loss owasso s a bit blurry and Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews weight loss owasso hasn t fully manifested, as if buried in the void, the.

Ridiculously powerful and this ancient sage s whole body has been soaked in that kind of precious liquid, so naturally he is boundless there s no time to delay shi hao whispered, his.

It feels like tens of thousands of years have passed, and he is almost crazy this creature is most likely a monk from the last era it was trapped for thousands of years how did it survive.

Unimaginable and at the same time it made them marvel, huang is too powerful, comparable to those blessed wizards of the first era I m really curious about where the primordial spirit.

Good fortune shi hao showed a strange expression, stair climbing for weight loss he didn t expect that the turmoil was caused by this quercetin and weight loss golden dao palace this fairy palace is very mysterious occasionally, bo ruixia will.

Pain, and for some reason, he felt palpitations what happened, my primordial spirit is not .

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weight loss owasso

weight loss owasso Keto Shot Shark Tank, (Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews) why weight loss plateau happen 1 Weight Loss Supplement By Shark Tank. damaged, how could this be his soul throbbed, as if something terrible was happening to him.

Guarantee that the immortal qi would not dissipate in the future gu shengzi frowned, said his primordial spirit is not in his body, it s not that he was crucified, it weight loss owasso s strange hey, that.

Whether it is the sky or the earth, whether it is the sky or the nine secluded places, it seems to be reachable from the mouth of the ancient saint, one after another mysterious symbols.

Dust in all directions there will taking levothyroxine cause weight loss was chaos in the depths of this mountain range, and all kinds of gods and beasts were watching the bone banner carried the imprint of the most powerful of the.

It puff from its heart, a blood arrow spurted out several zhang away, it was difficult to seal .

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why weight loss plateau happen Weight Loss Clinic Near Me (Best Keto Pills For Weight Loss) weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL. it it s now, take action the leader of the killer in the kingdom of heaven shouted, he has.

Rashly sure enough, a god came is there anything worse than this the most powerful people in ancient times are gathered here, and the presence of the gods is really amazing the visitor.

With wisps of chaotic energy, spewing light, like an ancient cave, swallowing the sword embryo this makes .

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weight loss owasso

Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL why weight loss plateau happen Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills Episode. people have to be surprised, what kind of supernatural power is this, it is.

Consciousness is detained and returned jun dao zhangyang laughed, but there was a chill in the void, shi hao moved forward step by step, and found the way home originally, according to.

Physical body, and began tamara keith weight loss to recite the scriptures, one after another mysterious symbols bloomed and sank into the void this is like a song for souls, or a song for souls, going up to the.

Former appears, and the latter will not be too far away in the past, someone once Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Before Bed Reviews weight loss owasso entered the ancient palace, obtained mysterious fortune, and created an immortal great religion in the.

S wrong with them, they all rushed here some people who knew them couldn t help being surprised ask for a monthly ticket, call all brothers and sisters, there are still two days left in.

People s guess, it still makes some gods tempted at their level, it is difficult to improve weight loss manifestation affirmations their cultivation base if they can exchange for a perfect meat shell, they may go one step.

Chest and back on his perfect face, a pair of eyes were very clear he was staring at shi hao in this direction there is bound to be a war between the two, it cannot be avoided this is the.

Yuan s face darkened slightly shi hao wanted to give him a big mouth, this old guy wanted to take away his weight loss owasso flesh and blood, but he was still so high sounding, and then he persecuted him.

And restrain the residual chaotic energy left by it, but he didn weight loss owasso t catch it boom the sky collapsed, the gods cried and the demons howled, the scene was extremely terrifying when the fairy.

And falling will weight loss owasso come at every turn it is rumored that the body of a creature who has cultivated two immortal qi may be able to resist the curse although this is groundless and just weight loss owasso some.

An old monster XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL weight loss owasso who has lived for a long time old man, what advice do you have shi hao asked, putting on strict guard even though he can look down on his contemporaries, but facing such an.

Glowed, and he shook his arms violently, hoping to blow shi hao to pieces .

alive at this time, he used all his strength chi at this moment, shi hao just grabbed the shaft of the spear with.

Are all superb body shells that are extraordinary and holy .

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  • Is Shuttle Good For Weight Loss
  • Can Massaging Body Fat Decrease With Weight Loss
  • What Is The Strongest Weight Loss Pill On The Market
  • Is Yerba Mate Tea Good For Weight Loss
  • Is Canadian Bacon Good For Weight Loss
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why weight loss plateau happen Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode Weight Loss Shark Tank Drink weight loss owasso XII Reunión Regional Andina UDUAL. coupled with a fairy seed that is hard to find in the world, he couldn t help but want to let out a long howl hey, god, you.

The nine heavens and ten places, and shot from a distance to suppress shi hao it was the biggest mistake to bring back his soul not long ago, and he wanted to make up for it snort shi hao.

His hand were broken, making everyone pale ah jun dao yelled, that fist was burning, desperate to get rid of shi hao, he didn t hesitate to cut off his own wrist, and wanted to explode.

Really treat me well the god of heaven, ma yuan, had a strong smile on his face although he was careless just now, his absolute strength lies here, and it is easy to crush a little monk.

The mountains cracked, the vegetation collapsed, sand and rocks flew away, and the bronze spear turned into a bolt of lightning to stab shi hao shi hao didn t resist, his body rushed out.

The ruins of an ancient city and found these ancient symbols at that time, there was a big explosion there, and even the bronze treasure box was pierced and exploded, weight loss owasso but this guardian.

From the tianhe river pouring down, and he didn t care at all at first as a god, this kind of thunder and lightning power can t hurt him, and weight loss owasso he can weight loss owasso definitely be easily resolved however.

Flesh was cracked, those wounds were so terrible, it could be mets vogelbach weight loss said that his whole body was torn apart it was just because weight loss owasso there were two streams of immortal energy entwining him, so that.

Killer of heaven shi hao frowned, could it be that it weight loss owasso was refined in the furnace of heaven and earth so far, the ancient saint son, jun dao, and the ancient kings of the kingdom of heaven.

He couldn t be sure how powerful this person is right now is this ethereal young man going to make a move um suddenly, shi hao was startled, in another direction, there was also a figure.